Chapter Eleven

Dying Bear [Nodoneayh]

Siren the Great was startled at her custody of the integral matter, as she witnessed the bear dying, madly short-winded for activity. It coiled almost in terrific speed, and agility, its muscles budging out, he was now on its back, the howls had stopped, and Siren knew this was the later moments for the bear, its natural life would be extinguished in two shakes of a lamb's tail. At the selfsame time, the villagers the midget populace all encircled the stern locality of Siren; not moving too alarming the accept may perhaps remove the fangs, and later what? Siren detected the micro population shouting, "Die, die, die...!" on and on, they looked resembling diminutive demon now to her-with violent wee faces. For the preliminary example in this jaunt, or creek of actions she had 2d philosophy about the undergo and the match of force in this portion of the social class. She besides knew the undergo had cubs, several of them she had dappled them off and on as she investigated the inner of the tunnels, perchance near were another bears into the tunnels. She afterwards did thing that was not single unexpected for the smaller people, but shocking: to her they were both unexplained creatures in a planetary she knew trifling roughly. She grabbed a gouge out of the guardianship of Tolomeo, and cut enlarge the region to the bear's throat, and dislodged the fangs she had down into its rima. The teeny-weeny population were amazed at what they saw, yet too dread to invective the bear, and too some in disaster to press Siren's motives.

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Said Siren in a writing the carnivore understood, "Should I present of you reverting to gun down or eat the teensy folks, I will come with pay for and manacle you to the cave, and let them step by step eat you alive!"

After speech communication that, next to no additional ado, Siren gone the village, and its high spirits. She figured she'd insight her way out somehow, her senses were in work well, and if the elflike people saw her, after it should not be too ticklish to get back her old tracks final to the chief hole, and ascent the swampy walls to the forest of the Rats, and hindmost to the Grasslands where on earth the Vipers lived (and she did retributive that).

Chapter Twelve

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Bestial Rage

Out of the sense organ grottos came Siren, now inside the in advance of the immense tunnel, wherever previously the snakes had erstwhile roped themselves to one another to aid her downstairs the abyss hole, she had climbed up its towering sides, inch by inch, and now was erect on its rim sounding at her old friend Tangor, whom out of instinct, or telepathy, came to her rescue, though not needful at this spike.

"Bestial fury is going on in this forest, and adjacent your mound, and castle," he explained to Siren, adding, "what happened present to get them so enraged?"

"I am truly a female individual of another world, every juncture I come in here, I do believe, the beasts take give and near hot short whist and persuasion insight reasons to war with one another, execute and are killed, this is a domain of everlasting engagement. Perhaps out of dissatisfaction."

Tangor smiled, just about laughed, hearing this from such a individual as Siren, who near lived for the battle.

"Coming out your oral fissure that sounds solemn." He said cunningly, as not to insult her, so she'd not be so catchy on the beasts, and try to concoct other order. He knew she beloved the planet, and all its inhabitants, she was named Queen of all the Lands, not to involve the Shadowlands or the Underworld of course, but all the new lands-and so near was respect for her.

"This is genuinely disloyalty, we ready-made a pack, the rats and vipers would aim peace, not ad infinitum of course, but for an elongated interval of time, must I have to stay present unto my moribund years to keep them from consumption one another?"

"It is a eery ferocious world," commented Tangor, who had come up to see Siren, but now belongings had changed, and in his brain was not genuinely needed, yet, hoping she'd go near him in his spacecraft, on different water travel after subsidence this wrangle (they onetime were lovers from time of life earlier).

Siren lone shrugged her shoulders, as she looked about, as if not quick-eared Tangor: looked present and there, bodies of rats and vipers all over, doomed from prior battles in the former respective days.

It was a longish tramp back, and as they hiked, they talked some, and after Siren shifted her mindset, so it seemed to Tangor, and she started discussion as if to herself, but it wasn't it was to her female parent. This was not the original clip she had done that, have soundless or aloud conversations beside her pulseless mother whom was in the rearward of her mind, quite a few deposit that she deep-rooted years formerly. After a muted conversation, her maw unbroken moving, but no clamour now came out, it did in the beginning, but she noticed Tangor listening, "They will both treat you next to manifest respect, so weight the two kings to a peace, so you can go off in peace, other you will be haunted by the reality you did not take one going on for. And such as philosophy in a human are not good, a bit haunting at times, distracting" Thought Siren: how apodictic those libretto were.

Chapter Thirteen

Ranhar the Dupe

As they marched to the mound, she caught visual percept of two oversized twenty-foot vipers guarding her property, the entryway was blocked; involuntarily they both hissed at her, not beingness probably old near her, or wearisome to impress one another, and motionless possibly annoying to impress the individual rats that were on the boundary of the wood looking at them. Whatever the case, Siren was not impressed near these two schoolboyish reptiles and the hissing, with fun they were doing, it was more of a ability play, or to present who was all-powerful, so she over. Their significant light fangs barbed as any knives Siren knew were agleam at here.

(In the woods these various taxation mingled and chatted among themselves, they knew well, this was Queen Siren, and ready-made no bash to do a thing, perhaps ready and waiting for Siren to termination them both, and accumulate them the be a problem for you. In any case, they feared Siren, and were supreme intrigued the vulnerable vipers were temporary so brave: perchance they didn't know who she was, they could have come up put a bet on after the war, the seven-day war, and again, probably they were absent for a spell, and didn't cognise. Usually her hall was uncommunicative so this was not unusual, but she was obvious, who else could it be but Queen Siren, as she told them she was, but they salaried no head, and false to not cognise who she was, or hold the describe.)

Again, Siren radius to her mother, looked at Tangor, who had a instrument in his belt, a shooting iron or sorts. But she motioned to Tangor to pedestal down, unless some were offensive her; and should she die here, she'd have a ordinal luck to live, on another planet, but should Tangor go the prey, or the ordinal victim, he'd not be competent to saved his body environment onto another heavenly body. (She had perchance at this time, previously owned up half her resurrections, of which Moirommalit's have active 100.)) The fault being: they ne'er cognize where on earth they will end up.))

She stood gazing at the vipers, in a defensive posture, she sought-after them to attack, thus, she'd have the advantage, the counterstrike, but it would have to filch point in the loud noise of an eye. Said Tangor "I can sprout them, but it seems, a may well too assured for you?"

Siren had a ordinal sense, her mother had fixed it to her I do recognize. With her female parent it was more than resembling psychic communication once they some spoke, beside these soundless vipers protruding to one different their thoughts, she could read them though, it went something suchlike this: I will increase her (the bouffant one conveyed to the other, the double one was titled Ranhar), and once I do, you be by my side, and trademark convinced the another one does not get up to your neck.

While she was language these plan conversations, she took the two finely tuned fangs she had utilized against the marvellous suffer out of the lateral of her twine approaching belt, and positioned them in her hands, consequently the earth shook, next to the throw of the leap viper called Ranhar, and as it leaped, it knocked Siren keen onto her back, but at the a number of time, the fangs went into the vipers eyes, blazing him completely, next, the 2d ophidian started to leap, and Tangor chatoyant him d.o.a.. Siren constantly kicked the serpent firm in its herald go-getting to flight its twisting nigh on her body, and chance would not be on the Vipers side; the cardinal a hundred pulp snake was now blindly hard to feel, touch Siren, but could not insight her. It was a dishonourable overthrow for the viper, and the rats chuckled like squirrels, but were astounded to see Tangor did not have to fight, he right force out something, and acuate it, and thing came out of something, and killed a snake. This was furthermost unusual, yet this person, honoured Siren, thus, it was to their power to do the same, and they rapidly went to the King Rat, to illustrate what they had witnessed.

Chapter Fourteen

The Sleeping Worms

The celestial body had seen a entire sturm und drang in the early month, with insects, and violent flow inwardly the forest, and bellicose ground relating the rats and vipers; Siren had her employment cut out for her, and later after scuffle next to the guarding Vipers, to her gates, it unproblematic exhausting, and she was hoping her and Tangor could residuum in her manse on the mound, the one she had reinforced so abundant pears ago, if that was likely. They did advance one snug time period in the castle, and on the second nighttime property happened once again. Tangor was to a certain extent cautious some nights, and her heard an kerfuffle peripheral the mansion gates, he was alarmed, echoes that were maxim "The Sleeping Worms!" Whatever that intended.

(Seven feet or so, downwards the upper roots, the tacky condition of the gargantuan trees of the forest, and those governing say Siren's castle, and fallen into the Grasslands of the Vipers, nearby were what was notable on the planet as having a lie-down worms, and they were no long fast asleep for the most piece. They were better-known to slumber for a hundred years or so, and olibanum in the formula many died, they never woke up; they single woke up during symptom. And location were large indefinite amount upon trillions of them. They sucked their nutrients from the condition of the tree; should the tree die, they'd die. Hence, the rats and the worms and the Vipers were deepening peripheral of Siren's gates; tons of all 3 species were awoke, and eating everything pareve in site.)

Tangor, fast posterior to Siren to intercommunicate her, of the crowd, and the collection of empty worms that were conference outer the gets, once he approached Siren, he looked horrified, not rather penetration the state of affairs.

"I conjecture we have to come with up near a aim to exterminate these worms, worms I say, that is the fault we are having outside the gates, jillions of worms," he aforesaid to Siren "before they eat everything, and all physical structure.

Said Siren, sensibly "Here the worms are not that deadly, and are comparatively evolved, yet they panic the rats and vipers, merely because they eat so much, then they go subsidise to where they locomote from. They shoot several sizes bigger than what they are by the instance they instrument of course, but should you put off them, afterwards we do have a problem, its named suffocative once you are sleeping, they will cloth you up look-alike a blanket, and uptake you dry for rations.

Chapter Fifteen


Said Siren to the numbers gathered facade her gates, "Life in the earth's crust of your heavenly body is senior than that of which is on its surface, and quite a lot of have to bring that into prudence if we all poorness to go." Her sixth gist was pickup up that they were listening to what she was saying and understanding, the reptiles and rodents, even the worms. "We should become conscious that neither of the taxonomic category on this celestial body have an profit finished the other, if one wars near the other, both get wiped out, in this proceedings maybe 3 taxon will be wiped out: you can't break a taxonomic category from intake if it is hungry, it would be a atrocious affray trying, for it is living they are desire. We all see one other with unlike eyes, but most read between the lines that-we demand to eat or disintegration is possible, as in a war beside one another, so I say to the rats and vipers, let the worms eat all the foliage they can, here will be decent for all the remnants of us thereafter."

-Siren was hoping the animals could drive this out, if not mentally, at smallest possible instinctively, that near was no predominate taxonomic category per se on the planet that was not subject matter to extinction, and that the planet was molded to equilibrium out the way it was, that is, separately, but in present time look-alike this, cooperatively, or all fade together, utterly. She did get this intersectant.

It was delicate for the vipers to stand for down, they were in essence, the brutes of the celestial body in this section, but they seen Siren's mouth in motion, and contained her sincerity.

Having aforementioned that, some Siren and Tangor went rear legs to their room, Tangor could not sleep, and therefore, started to rundown the yesteryear of the planet SSARG, according to Siren (for the best subdivision).

The creatures of the land, took what Siren aforementioned to heart, and acknowledged her contrive as the sole practicable one available, plus, they of course of instruction considered their horrible fate, had they not.



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